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I have had the pleasure of using DB Transcription for 3 years. Their service is efficient and affordable.
Dr. Stephen J. Renzi
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DB Transcription
P.O. Box 133
Thornton, PA 19373
Phone: (610) 358-4407
Email: donnab@dbtranscription.com
Website: www.dbtranscription.com

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Q: How much do you charge per line?
A: This will depend on a few different factors; please contact us and we will work with you step-by-step to provide services within your budget.

Q: Does DB Transcription provide non-medical transcription?
A: Yes, we provide a wide range of transcription needs. Please contact us for a quote.

Q: Is there a contract we would need to sign?
A: There is no long-term contract to be signed. We are confident that once you use our service, there will be no turning back. This is validated by our long-term customers.

Q: How long does DB Transcription store my files?
A: We keep your files in our system as long as you like. There is no additional charge for file storage.

Q: Can I have my transcriptions done on my own template and letterhead?
A: Yes, DB Transcription can accommodate nearly any template request. We also are able to build specific letterhead into our system. When letters print, they will already be on letterhead, saving on cost of purchasing letterhead.

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