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I have had the pleasure of using DB Transcription for 3 years. Their service is efficient and affordable.
Dr. Stephen J. Renzi
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DB Transcription
P.O. Box 133
Thornton, PA 19373
Phone: (610) 358-4407
Email: donnab@dbtranscription.com
Website: www.dbtranscription.com

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DB Transcription is the best prescription! DB Transcription provides a variety of services, including medical, administrative, overflow and printing in a fast, accurate and cost-effective manner.

As we know, each physician and/or office has their own way of doing things, and we are able to customize our system to suit your needs. We are highly experienced in interfacing with many systems, including EMR/EHR systems.

If you do not have an EMR/EHR in place, our advanced web-based platform, Bayscribe, will get you prepared by storing all of your data to create the reports in a manner that allows you to populate your electronic record when you migrate to it, whether in the near future or the distant future.

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